If you’d like to participate in the Corners Project and share a photo, please visit my CONTACT page.

I will always give participants photography credit if I use a tile based on their photograph in a collage. If your tile is used with other participants’ tiles in a collage, I will give equal billing to each photographer, regardless of the number of times a given tile is used in the collage.


The most important consideration when taking pictures for the Corners Project is the geometry of your shot. The vertex of the corner should be in the center of your frame, and the three angles which comprise the vertex should all be as close as possible to 120º. I can fix most angles, but the resulting image will be warped. The more off the angles in the raw photo, the more warped the image in the hexagonal tile/cube will be.

I’ve shared some guidelines and hints for taking your photo below:

• Use “square” format on your phone if you have it

• Pick an axis and make it “vertical.” The axes will then make a “Y” that will either be right side up or upside down (either one is good)

• Try to make all angles in the “Y” identical (120º) – this can be adjusted when you’re lining your shot up by moving one way or another along the vertical axis.

• Fitting people, pets, etc into the corner is difficult, because they really need to be right in the corner, but it can be done – just expect to have to try a few times to get the shot right!

• No matter if you get the angles right, the further an element in the photo is from the corner, the more likely it is to be cropped out.

• If you can find a way to subvert my rules, but still maintain the necessary 120º geometry, I challenge you to do so!

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